Version 2 of the MOOC on Drought Assessment and Monitoring from Space

Version 2 of the MOOC on Drought Assessment and Monitoring from Space is launched. Some additional webinars and descriptions of related research is included in the MOOC. For the presentations, both French and English subtitles can be displayed over the presentation.

This MOOC provides an introduction to “Droughts”, answers questions on how it can be quantified, how it can be assessed and monitored from space. The role of cloud computing and (easy) access to satellite will also get attention. No prior knowledge to Earth Observation (EO) is required. The MOOC provides a “smooth” introduction for agricultural scientist, water resources specialist and others who are interested in water and food security and the role EO plays nowadays related to this theme. The MOOC will be open till the end of February 2024.

For those who want a Certificate of Completion, it is essential that after completing each section of the MOOC you do the Quiz. Only after scoring 60% or higher for all quizzes, you should get a certificate stating active participation and completion of the MOOC.

If you are not active for 60 days you, will be automatically de-enrolled from the course.

The following topics will be treated:

Topic Short description of the topic
1 MOOC overview Introducing the participants on objectives and set-up of the MOOC
2 Vegetation and Drought Monitoring from Space Introduction: types of droughts, drought in historical perspective
3 Copernicus Programme, Sentinel satellites – EO for Africa Copernicus programme, history, satellite characteristics, data services, Land Service products, GMES and Africa / EO AFRICA Initiative
4 Jupyter notebooks and cloud computing Use of Jupyter Notebooks and Cloud for EO studies
5 EO software tools Software tools for EO analyses; (SNAP, QGIS)
6 EO based information for vegetation and drought monitoring From spectral indices to advanced information products.
7 Observing the water cycle from space Introduction to the water cycle(s) and their quantification by satellite data
8 Monitoring vegetation dynamics from space Hyper-temporal monitoring of ecological systems
9 ET from space Methodology and Products
10 Soil moisture dynamics from space Soil moisture products at continental scale
11 Crop Monitoring and Yield estimation from space Use of ETa as a proxy for yield estimation
12 EO AFRICA R&D Facility Explanation of EOAFRICA RD Facility, essential elements and courses

Registration in the EO AFRICA Community is required for this MOOC. Register in the portal, complete your profile by filling in the mandatory profile fields (affiliation, country of affiliation, address of affiliation and phone number), and then make an access request to the MOOC platform.

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Version 2 of the MOOC on Drought Assessment and Monitoring from Space