EO AFRICA Initiative

  • EO AFRICA Initiative | Tuesday – 24.05.2022, 03:20 PM | Agora SAPIENS, World Conference Center Bonn | The EO AFRICA Initiative will be explained and discussed during the Agora session of the ESA Living Planet Symposium next 24 of May in Bonn. Join us for an interesting roundtable-type discussion in which key representative of the Advisory Board and other African institutions will analyze the progress and define the future development of the EO AFRICA Initiative.
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3rd edition of the DLR/ESA open PolInSAR training course

  • 3rd edition of the DLR/ESA open PolInSAR training course | May 2 – July 8, 2022 | Online | Great opportunity to understand multi-parameter SAR data: The DLR-HR PolinSAR course offers a comprehensive training on SAR-based technics (PolSAR, InSAR, PolISAR, TomoSAR). This will be also an excellent opportunity for the users of our Innovation Lab to practice the cloud-based computing skills learnt, with a different platform. Places are limited but members of the EO AFRICA Community are particularly encouraged to apply.
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3rd on the EO AFRICA R&D Facility Online Courses

  • Water and Energy budgets from Space | April 18 – May 13, 2022 | Online course with live-chat | Satellite Earth observation, hydro-meteorological modelling and data assimilation provide a powerful combination for quantifying hydroclimatic variables to effectively address water management issues in this online course, an introduction will be given to the theory and techniques to observe the water and energy cycle variables form space.
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EO AFRICA R&D Facility first two Online Courses

  • Cloud Computing and Algorithms for EO Analyses | March 15 – April 6, 2022 | Online course with live-chat | Introduction to Cloud Computing and its usage for Earth Observation (EO) data analysis. It starts with big geospatial data concepts and extends to Cloud Computing as one of the solutions for solving the problems of big EO data.
  • Principles of and advances in Earth Observation | March 28 – April 14, 2022 | This online course will provide participants with fundamental EO knowledge to better understand and use Earth Observation data.
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AfricaGIS 2021 Hackathon Event

  • AfricaGIS 2021 Hackathon on Food Security and Water Resources | November 22-25, 2021 | Centre Universitaire de Recherche et d’Application en Télédétection (CURAT), Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoir | Get ready to take part in the 3-day hackathon jointly organized by the EO AFRICA R&D Facility, GMES&Africa and CURAT as a part of the AfricaGIS 2021 conference.
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EO AFRICA R&D Facility kick-off

As part of a long-term strategy (>10 years), the European Space Agency launched their new initiative EO AFRICA (African Framework for Research Innovation, Communities and Applications in Earth Observation), by the kick-off meeting of the EO AFRICA Research and Development

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Happening this week... 🗓️
@EOAfricaRD1 F2F course. Special thanks to our host, the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) in Accra and to Prof Amos Kabo-bah @akabobah for opening the course🧑🏾‍🎓💻

SALEY Bachir@BachirSM

Get ready to take part in the 5-day training to tackle the challenges of Food Security and Water Resources, using the latest cloud technologies , exploit Copernicus satellite imagery on EO AFRICA R&D Facility for Water Security with colleagues from all over the continent

🤗Join us on May 24th during the @ESA_EO #LPS22 agora: #EOAFRICA, when key representatives of the Advisory Board and other African institutions will discuss the progress and future developments of this initiative.

The 2nd @EOAfricaRD1 F2Fcourse“EO for Water Resources Assessment and Monitoring”,started on May 15. 20 professionals from 4 countries (Ghana, Benin, Nigeria and Uganda) participate in this challenging training, delivered by @gnparodi & Prof Zoltán Vekerdy from @FacultyITC

Our @EOAfricaRD1 was featured this week at the @UNOOSA 5th International conference on the use of #space technology for #waterresourcesmanagement in Accra. #EO for #water and #foodsecurity and for #Africa 🌍🛰️💧
@EO_OPEN_SCIENCE @_AfricanUnion

Veit Schwiertz@SchwiertzVeit

The next F2F course of the @EOAfricaRD1 #SpaceAcademy will be held in Rabat at @CRASTE_LF on Jun 20-24: "Cloud Computing and Algorithms for EO Analyses". 🛰️☁️💻🌍
Application are open!
#geospatial #earthobservation #CloudComputing

While the @EOAfricaRD1 #SpaceAcademy continues at full speed 🚀, let's recap on the key takeaways from last's year's main training activity...
@EOAfricaRD1 @_AfricanUnion @Gmes_gdzhao_ci @GMESAfrica

Last chance to register for the 5th webinar on the @EOAfricaRD1 series: "Introduction to Precipitation from Space". (VIS, TIR, MW data) & demo on NRT info from @eumetsat web mapping services.🛰️🌧️
Registrations at
#EO #rainfall #geospatial

📢 Great opportunity: 3rd edition of the DLR/ESA open PolInSAR training course (#PolSAR, #InSAR, #PolISAR, #TomoSAR). @EOAfricaRD1 Community members are especially encouraged to apply!