Space Academy

The Space Academy is the institute of the EO AFRICA R&D Facility that will take care of the (co-)development, hosting and the certification of all the developed content. The Space Academy will provide a system to enrol candidates for the online courses, and assistance and guidance to transfer material on request of African universities, to incorporate it in their EO-related curriculum.

The Digital Campus can be viewed as the server on which all the content is stored. The Campus can be visited by ‘outsiders’ to view the webinars and a summary of existing training sets.

Through the Space Academy potential participants can register for a wide set of capacity building activities varying form face2face courses, online courses and webinars.

In order to have access to the Space Academy you need first to become a member of the EO AFRICA Community

This figure depicts the overall set-up of the Digital Campus. Eight training modules contain the core of the curriculum. From this ‘basket’, on-line courses can be constructed. Both will be stored in the EO AFRICA R&D Facility Moodle Cloud. The MOOC and the webinars will be made available via the University of Twente.