On-line Courses

Based on the existing Training Modules a set of online courses will be provided. Each course will consist of a set of webinars, presentation, small exercises and case studies. Every course will have a duration of approximately 40 studying hours, spread out in a period of one month. At the end of the course โ€“ based on progress and acquired skills – a certificate can be obtained.
(The first two courses are prerequisites for the other 8 courses)

Topic Period
1   Cloud Computing and Algorithms for EO Analyses 15 Mar – 6 Apr, 2022
2   Principles of and advances in Earth Observation 28 Mar – 14 Apr, 2022
3   Water and Energy budgets from Space 18 Apr – 13 May, 2022
4   Vegetation and Drought monitoring from Space 19 Sep – 14 Oct, 2022
5 Assessing potential use of water resources in an African river basin October 2022
6 Soil Moisture from Space January 2023
7 Hyper-Temporal Mapping of Ecological Systems; Assessing Land Suitability February 2023
8 Monitoring Vegetation Dynamics from Space April 2023
9 Crop Monitoring and Yield Estimation from Space October 2023
10 EO for floods and water bodies November 2023