Water and Energy budgets from Space

EO AFRICA R&D Facility Online Course

Water and Energy budgets from Space

Sentinel-1 image of Lake Naivasha area, Kenya 18-11-2021

Introduction to the course

Satellite Earth observation, hydro-meteorological modelling and data assimilation provide a powerful combination for quantifying hydroclimatic variables to effectively address water management issues in this online course, an introduction will be given to the theory and techniques to observe the water and energy cycle variables form space.

The focus will be on precipitation, evapotranspiration (ET) and storage changes. Monitoring of lakes and river levels, spatial dynamics of both precipitation and ET is covered.


Total Course duration will be 40 hours.

 Important notice:

The knowledge and skills presented in the Online Courses on Cloud Computing and Algorithms for EO Analyses and Principles of and Advances in EO are essential to be able to follow the course on "Water and Energy budgets from Space".

For those selected applicants who did not enrol in those courses yet, both courses will be made accessible through the MoodleCloud for self-study just before the "Water and Energy budgets from Space" course starts. Both courses will remain accessible for selected applicants.