New research gap survey

To support the development of the roadmap of the EO AFRICA R&D Facility for 2024-2026

We launched a questionnaire in 2021, which helped define the user needs of the African EO community. Our scientific field is developing very quickly, so it is time to review where the research gaps are and what we could do to narrow them. We launch a new questionnaire in December 2023, which aims to collect information from Africa-oriented EO specialists about the continent’s research challenges and gaps.

We need your contribution, so please fill out the anonymous questionnaire (takes about 10-12 minutes) at the following link:

Those who filled out the first survey will find some familiar questions – those are asked here to understand how time influenced the research needs. We appreciate your contribution.

Thank you for your contribution!

EO AFRICA R&D Facility Team

New research gap survey